Assessorament integral

Duran Pons is a firm of professional services addressed both to businesses and individuals with the challenge to offer an integral and high quality advice and technical support with a direct and personalised approach to clients. The quality of our service is based on a strong will to offer a professional response which has to be adapted to the needs of the client and is supported on the qualification, commitment and experience our professional team.

Assessorament integral i recolzament tècnic de qualitat amb tracte personalitzat.

Tax and Accounting Advice

We advise and manage your tax obligations, both companies and individuals, helping you to optimize taxation and your relationship with the different Administrations. We advise you in the preparation of the accounting and Financial Statements of the companies, we track and legalize.


Labour Advice and Management

We advise companies and entrepreneurs in the day to day, informing you of the legislative developments and managing the new hires, payroll, social insurance, applications of agreements, etc. We also advise you on the management of labor disputes and the Inspection.


Dealing with Public Agencies

We draft commercial contracts, process and liquidate deeds, we advise on donations and successions, and process and address requirements in relation to various local, regional and state Organizations.


Insurance Brokerage

We offer you professional, personal and independent advice that gives you trust and guidance, where we always defend your interests and needs, also in obtaining the best price.

What do our customers think?


At "Mas Juli", as organizers of yoga retreats it is very important to be well supported, both in terms of daily consultations and advice, and above all in the management of insurance and claims. In this sense, the entire Duran Pons team is a key part of our day-to-day life. Professionalism and "savoir faire". 100% recommended

Marc Juli

Very attentive I changed the name of a car and the attention of the boy was super good. I recommend it 100%.

Adrián Jimenez Toro

Good treatment and very close. I recommend them!

Mia Letz

Great professionals and great service with careful customer service. Their knowledge allows management to be very efficient and effective at all levels.

Alex Cassola

Good service and good professionals.

Anna Vila

Professionals. Very good quality/price ratio. You really feel safe trusting them.

Francesc Pastor

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